How to Block Websites on iPhone?

How can we stop these websites? Is there any way to block adult sites? Yes, If you are an iPhone user, here’s the course How to block websites on iPhone. If you want to control the type of content your child is browsing, read the article to the end.

Why do we need to block websites?

Today we will learn How we can block websites on iPhone. If you are an adult, then you don’t want your child to browse any adult website. Or if your child is browsing something else and, by mistake, any adult site appears on the screen. So, in that case, you have to block those adult websites.

How to Block Websites on iPhone
How to Block Websites on iPhone

How to block websites on iPhone

There are many different iOS, and their settings are also different. Therefore we will see every method respectively, one after another. Here you learn how you can block websites in iOS 12 or newer and iOS 11 or older. You can apply the below steps on the iPad as well.

Screen time setting is a feature that shows you the app usage data of your iPhone. And will also allow you to block adult sites on every browser you are using on your iPhone in just an effort of one time. That means you don’t have to go to any specific browser and change their setting every time.

How to block websites on iOS 12 or newer

1. Launch your settings, scroll down, and search for screen time. Optionally you can also search on the search bar.

2. Open screen time and tap on the ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions.’

3. Now, toggle the ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’ button. With this button, you can restrict almost every adult content.

4. Click on the web content. And select an option for your iPhone to restrict the adult web content.

5. You will see three options on your screen—first, unrestricted access. Second, limit adult websites. You have third, Allowed websites only.

Unrestricted access

If you choose this option, then you’ll be able to access any website on your iPhone. That means you can browse any website you want from your phone.

Limit adult websites

If you select this option, then you can limit most of the adult websites. So your kid will never be able to browse any adult site.

Allowed websites only

Lastly, if you prefer Allowed websites only then, you can only browse some allowed sites you added to your settings. That means you can only allow kid’s websites like National Geographic, Disney, discovery kids, etc.

6. If you want to block adult sites, choose either ‘limit adult websites’ or ‘allowed websites only.’

7. If you prefer to limit adult websites, then below this option, you can see more options. Which are Always Allow and Never Allow. You can also see the add websites section in both.

8. Add those sites you Always want to allow. Those sites will never be restricted even when you stop them by any general restriction.

9. Also, add those sites which you never want to allow. These sites will never be able to be seen by your child or you.

10. If you select Allowed websites only, this function will block every site except those that are child-friendly—for example, National geography, discovery kids, Disney, and more.

11. Add those sites in the add website section. And exit the page now. Your kid will never be able to browse any adult sites. Or even mistakenly, they can’t see the adult content.

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How to block websites on iOS 11 or older

1. Go to settings, and for these iOS, you have to look for general settings. Alternatively, you can search from the search bar.

2. Click on the restrictions. And enter your password, which you use for your screen lock.

3. Now, enable the restrictions and again type your password to confirm it.

4. After confirming the Enable restrictions, tap on the allowed content section and go to the websites.

5. Now, you can see three options that we discussed earlier. From here on, you can follow the above steps from step no. Six.

If you are not satisfied with this iPhone feature, You can also block these sites by any third-party application.


Final thoughts are I hope you have got your answer for how to block websites on iPhone. And also, you have enjoyed this article. For more solutions, visit our site regularly, and you can also see the posts below this article. Have a good day/night.

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