How to Import Songs to Spotify [Updated]

Having a Spotify account during traveling is a blessing. But if you can import your songs to Spotify Library So you can listen to them anywhere. Today We will help you to How you can Import Songs to Spotify.

Music is an important part of life in today’s generation—every type of person listening to music according to their mood. In this music-loving world, Spotify made its place in other music streaming apps. Of course, we all know that Spotify is a very popular music streaming app now; it has 70 million+ songs in its library, and they are uploading every new piece every day.

How to Import Songs to Spotify [Updated]
How to Import Songs to Spotify [Updated]

But still, there is some unpopular song which we like they are not in the Spotify database. But those songs are already stored on your PC’s hard drive.

Maybe you think that is there any way to add our local files on Spotify? How I import my playlist to Spotify? Is it possible that hear our playlist on Spotify? Yes, it is possible; Not many people know about this; only a few counting people aware that you can add your local files to Spotify. Here, we will discuss how to import songs to Spotify on different devices like PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Steps to Import local songs to Spotify

The distinct factor of Spotify is that it combines specific music streaming and your local music files. You can import your local music files into any Spotify accounts, but if you are a premium subscriber, then you can hear your playlist on your mobile phone as well. Before importing, make sure that your songs file are stored on the hard drive.

Steps to Import your songs to Spotify In PC and Mac

It is necessary to install the Desktop Spotify app on your PC or Mac. Because it will scan your whole PC when you install the app, it will find all your music folders and sync all-local music files.

First: You have to find local files in your Spotify app. So first, find the setting after going to settings, look for the edit, and then preference in the edit menu.

Second: After going into the preference, scroll down and search for the local files. After finding it enable the show local files toggle button.

Third: Click on add a source button and select the folder where your songs are stored. You can choose a separate piece or whole file of your playlist.

Fourth: You’ll find these songs in the local file of your Spotify library. Make a new playlist and move the pieces to your new playlist. Then, you’ll able to play your local songs like other Spotify songs. A new playlist will help you to play your music on a mobile device.

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Import your songs to Spotify in Android and iOS

For playing your local music on your mobile(whichever Android or iOS), you need to subscribe to Spotify for its premium account; then, you’ll able to play your local music on Spotify with the help of the following steps. These steps are further steps that you have to do after moving the local files to your new playlist in your Spotify on PC.

First: You have to open the Spotify app and search for the new playlist of local files.

Second: click on the download button of the album since Spotify couldn’t allow you to download a single or a couple of music, so you have to download the entire playlist.

In Android, these two steps are enough to stream your local playlist on mobile, but in iOS, there is a different case. Therefore, you have to make a couple of more efforts before you perform the above steps.

First: Open your Spotify app, go to settings, find the local files, toggle the local audio files button.

Second: Now, locate the new playlist and do the same steps you have seen above.

If you cannot see the local files on your phone, make sure you have done all steps correctly and watch some notable things you have to remember.

  1. Make sure that you have the premium subscription and it wasn’t expired.
  2. Make sure that your PC and your phone have login the same Spotify account.
  3. Also, make sure that your phone and PC are connected to the same wifi network.
  4. You’ve updated your Spotify app on all devices.
  5. Also, make sure that you already enabled the local files toggle button.


Hope You will Get the best Idea How you can import your local Songs to Spotify. After following the above Steps you can easily Import them in your Spotify library. If you have any more quires you can comment and let us know. Thank You!!

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