How to Change Netflix Region Without VPN?

We all know about Netflix, the very popular platform for streaming online web shows, movies, and anime. It’s obvious that Netflix is not free to watch its content; you have to buy a subscription according to your preferences or you have to use Netflix MOD APK for free access to Netflix content.

Netflix gives many plans to purchase a subscription, but we are not going to talk about that. Instead, as you see in our heading, we will discuss How to change the Netflix region without a VPN. But before that, we’ll take a look at some information about VPN.

How to change Netflix Region without VPN
How to change Netflix Region without VPN

What is VPN?

VPN(Virtual Private Network) is a tool for people who are traveling from country to country.
VPN is the only way of using the internet safely while touring because there is some fact that you have to face like using the Wifi at airports/cafeteria/hotel etcetera is highly risky for your device. You can also become prey to cybercriminals.

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A VPN will protect your device from all these cyber assaults. You can freely use your device wherever you are. But nowadays, people are not using VPNs for protection.
They are using VPNs to ignore the other country filters, which we see online. The service will help us see the blocked content on the website that you can’t see in your country and bypass the Netflix region checker.

We can use VPNs to access media streaming platforms like Netflix to watch their blocked contents, which is only seen by specific countries. However, there are some troubles with the use of VPNs.

Troubles with the use of VPN

  1. If you are using a free VPN, there is no guarantee that you are secure. So if you want to be secured, then you have to buy the VPN’s premium service.
  2. We all know how important security is, so it’s obvious that the premium services of a VPN are expensive.
  3. If we talk about Netflix, only a few VPNs are working on it because Netflix uses some considerable resources to block people who try to avoid their restrictions.
  4. In Android/iOS, you can change the Netflix region using VPN, but if we talk about PC, laptops, or Macs, then you can’t use these VPNs. You have to buy an expensive VPN premium service or any other way to change the Netflix region.

How to Change the Netflix region without VPN

Is there any way of changing the region without a VPN? Yes, there is a way of changing the Netflix region without a VPN, labeled as a proxy, activated via a web browser, and acts in pair with it.
These are called add-ons, extensions, and different names according to the browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. For example, you can find a browser extension that allows you to change the region for representation.

VPNs are helpful, but they are not always working as we want. In other words, it works like a VPN but not the way we know. We can also change our DNS server to change the region, but it’s not working on Netflix.


I Hope, Now you have the best idea about the How to change Netflix Region without VPN. And Also, why we are using VPN and what is the best use of VPN in our daily life. You Can check the More article about Netflix errors and get an easy and helpful guide to solving them.

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