World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2) MOD APK v2.8.9 [Unlimited Money] December 2021 Download

This article will talk about the World Cricket Championship 2, which is commonly known as WCC2. The purpose of this article is to explain how to download WCC2 MOD APK and what features they contain.

Playing games has been part of our childhoods. A game that immediately comes to mind when we think of an outdoor game is cricket. Playing cricket has been a part of our lives since our childhood.

There is, without a doubt, no person alive who does not enjoy playing cricket. Most people love to play cricket in this version.

It has been a blessing to be able to discuss this game here. You will get features in the modded APK version of world cricket championship 2 that you won’t find in the original version when you download it from the Google Play Store.

It’s well-known that cricket has a long history, and ever since its very inception, it’s developed and improved into one of the most popular sports globally.

Those of you who enjoy playing cricket will find this article of interest. WCC2 Mod APK is the subject of this article.

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What is the World Cricket Championship 2 Mod APK?

World cricket championship 2’s Modded APK version contains additional features compared with its Google Play Store version.

These features enable us to purchase expensive players and to play any game as efficiently as possible. You will be surprised at how realistic the graphics in this game are because Nextwave Multimedia has designed it.

As a sports lover, if you also enjoy playing cricket, you’ll find some handy tips and tricks below to help you enjoy world cricket championship 2 very well.

As you might remember, we used to play cricket on our Nokia small phones; since then, this game has become an indoor game and a video game. The game has developed itself extensively since then.

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It is now possible to play this cricket game on our smartphones. In this post, we will discuss the WCC2 Mod APK, in which we will get more features.

Having the chance to play this game sitting at our desks has made us feel like we are in a realistic environment.

Download World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2) Mod APK

It is necessary to download and install the modded APPK version of world cricket championship 2 on your Android device so that you will be able to enjoy all the features, including tournaments.

You can play this game more efficiently by following suggestions and instructions. Downloading and installing this Mod APK file of world cricket championship 2 or wcc2 requires you to follow each step.

We would be delighted to hear from you about your experience with this modded APK file at the bottom of the article once you have downloaded and installed it.



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Features of World Cricket Championship 2 Mod APK

Knowing about the modded version of world cricket championship 2 would cause you to be highly enthusiastic about discovering its features.

In this article, we have outlined each feature you can enjoy with this application when it is downloaded and installed on your Android device. We recommend you read through each feature in turn.


ad free media

The first thing that annoys us when we play any game is watching ads stream across the screen. Many gamers do not like the practice of showing ads in between games.

Ads annoy us all, and you will also relate to this fact. In the updated world cricket championship 2 modded APK, there is no streaming in between, and no ads will appear on the screen.

I find this feature of the modded APK version of world cricket championship 2 to be very useful.



When we first hear about a new game, the first thing that comes to mind is its graphics. All gamers strive to find the best graphics possible.

Downloading the modded APK version of world cricket championship 2 will allow you to experience realistic graphics, enhancing the game and making every gamer addicted to this game.

Many realistic features are included in it, such as diving catches, throws, running, stumping, grasses that are growing, and dead grasses.

One of the unique aspects of this game’s graphics is that the developers have made it look more natural by injuring players if they make a mistake or dive too deep.

Our overall opinion is that the graphics of world cricket championship 2 are exciting, as they seem realistic. That makes this game an incredibly appealing one.

Multiple Tournament


There is no doubt that cricket has been one of the most entertaining games since time immemorial. But there are many kinds of games that we can play in cricket, too.

It is important to remember that in cricket history, a match could last for five days at one point. Eventually, there were many different tournaments for the game.

In the same way, we’ll find a variety of tournaments on World Cricket Championship 2 Mod APK. T20 matches, as well as test matches, can be played. It is one of the best features of the world cricket championship 2 Mod APK version.

Camera Positioning and Light System


The more we play any game, the more different kinds of perspectives we can see. A similar situation is present in this World Cricket Championship 2. Excellent positioning of the cameras is evident from every angle.

World cricket championship 2 has the premium feature of the latest camera in the Mod APK version. We get a 3D wagon wheel in the game that we can use to see and check for LBW decisions made by the umpires in the game.

Due to the numerous camera angles in this game, we can effectively explain the dynamic experience it offers. Moreover, the lightning system in this game is quite interesting, so that it looks pretty realistic when we play it in the night mode. The feature allows the game to be unique and exciting.

Unlimited Coins


World cricket championship 2 mod APK has one essential feature that lets you unlock all the game levels with just one click. This means you can unlock them all with unlimited coins and without having to pay to unlock them.

Mood Shots and Bowling Action


More than 60 types of cricketing shots are included in this new Mod APK version of the World Cricket Championship. Additionally, there are eight different bowling actions.

They include iconic sources such as Sachin’s uppercut, Dhoni’s helicopter shot, Dilshan’s scoop from the sky, and many more. Make your game more interesting by using all the shots and bowling actions.

Tournaments Unlocked


We do not receive any tournaments unlocked when we download world cricket championship 2 from Google Play Store. We must play the game very rarely to unlock the tournaments.

The most exciting tournament to play in is the blitz tournament, with which you can spice up your game. You can unlock other tournament data in the game.

You do not get all these tournaments unlocked by downloading world cricket championship 2 from the Google Play Store.

You can get all those tournaments unlocked when you download the modded APK file for this World Cricket Championship 2 Mod APK.

Control and No Root Required

No Root

Your Android device does not need to be rooted to access the WCC2 Mod APK version. The world cricket championship 2 Mod APK version can be played on any Android device.

In this World Cricket Championship 2, players can find too many cows and magicians. There is also the possibility of setting up a team of 11 players and saving and sharing the game’s highlights after the game has ended.

You can even move players standing on the field around the field. It is even possible to change the keeping position of the wicket-keeper.

Here are the features you will get by downloading the modded APK for world cricket championship 2 on your Android device. They will all assist you in winning the game smoothly.


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How to Download and Install WCC2 Mod APK?

You will be able to download the modded version of the world cricket championship 2 mod APK into your Android mobile device by following the instructions listed below one by one. And you can easily install the world cricket championship 2 Mod APK by following each of these simple steps.

Step 1: Firstly, if you already have this application installed from Google Play Store, you must go to Google Play Store and search for this application. Secondly, you must uninstall this application from Google Play Store.

Step 2: To download the Mod APK of world cricket championship 2, you need first to click on the link provided here.

Step 3: You will need to download the OBB file until the Mod APK version of world cricket championship 2 is ready.

Step 4: Then, click on the link given here, and the OBB file will download to your device.

Step 5: Afterward, you should go to the download section and wait for the OBB file to download.

Step 6:

  • Go to your file manager.
  • Cut the file.
  • Paste it over your storage>internal storage>android>obb folder.

Step 7: Afterward, you must install the APK file by going to the settings section and allowing the installation from unknown sources.

Step 8: To install world cricket championship 2 Mod APK, you need to click the install button; after a few seconds the installation process is complete.

Step 9: Next, we will need to click on the world cricket championship 2 app icon to play the game.

We can now download and install the Mod APK version of world cricket championship 2 on our Android device by following the steps given above one by one.

FAQ ( frequently asked question ) About World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK

We have gathered a few of the most frequently asked questions from users around the globe below. All these questions will hopefully help you better understand the world cricket championship 2 Mod APK for Android.

Please review them all carefully to gain a better understanding of them.

Q. Is it safe to download the Mod APK version of World Cricket Championship 2?

It is entirely safe to download this from a reputable website. Therefore, if you go to the download section of this article and follow each step, it is safe because our website is a trusted website and lots of people use it to download Mod APK versions of many applications.

Q. Do we get unlimited money in this World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK?

The Mod APK of world cricket championship 2 gives you unlimited money. By unlocking all the tournaments, you will be able to play in the game by using unlimited money, as mentioned in the features section of this article.

You can use the unlimited money to buy all of your favorite cricket players from around the world, making your team extremely powerful and intellectually superior.

Q. What are the criteria to download world cricket championship 2?

There are 50 million-plus people using world cricket championship 2 on their Android devices. The minimal criteria of playing it are that you are at least three years old when you search the Google Play Store for “world cricket championship 2” or “wcc2”. That’s it; that’s the criteria for using this application.

Q. When was this game, world cricket championship 2, launched?

On June 30, 2015, World Cricket Championship 2 was released. In terms of its name, it’s clear that this is an updated version of the world cricket championship.

Nextwave Multimedia updated this game from an older one, so much functionality was added to it.

Q. Do we get the 3D effect in this game?

The sound quality is 3D in this game, as well as the video quality. So, yes, you get the study fact in this game. This game combines a realistic view and a realistic perspective, thanks to its sound and video quality.

The following questions have been asked by users worldwide, which may help you learn more about the WCC2 Mod APK version.


We learned about an old game called world cricket championship 2 or WCC2 MOD APK, and we found out that we can play it indoors using our smartphones.

It is important to note that a modified version of this application is available from the Google Play Store, which offers additional features. The regular version of the application does not offer.

Afterward, we talked about the different features offered by the world cricket championship 2 mod APK. So we answered the question of how to install the application wcc2 mod APK on our Android device.

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We have provided a list of some of the questions users worldwide have asked about this application. Do let us know if you have any questions regarding this article in the comment section below.

Our team will answer your question as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading this article.

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