Anger of Stick 5 MOD APK: Zombie 1.1.52 (MOD Unlimited Gold/Diamonds) Download 2022

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Every year, thousands of different games are produced with interesting storylines. I am going to talk to you today about a game that has a storyline that is very thrilling and exciting, and that has made people from all over the world fall in love with it.

Millions of people have downloaded the game, and it has an excellent rating, making it seem as though it has been very popular. It was developed by J.Park and is titled Anger of Stick 5 MOD APK. Heroes and zombies are at war in this exciting game.

Your city is under attack from blood-thirsting zombies, and only you and your team can save it. Humans are disappearing from the earth because blood-thirsty zombies are turning them into zombies. Different weapons, such as guns and swords, are available to help the users defeat the zombies.

There is a lot of realistic movement and action in the game. If you want an amazing, thrilling experience, you should download it.

Below you will find the game’s details.

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What is Anger of Stick 5?

Several people back in the day made viral videos featuring Stickmen, which made them very popular. Anger of Stick 5 MOD APK is a modified version of this game. It featured simple stickmen creatures who seemed to be experts at martial arts. In a zombie apocalypse, we can even play with them as stickmen! There are two things you’ll love in this game if you’re a fan of them both!

A popular zombie survival game, Angle of Stick 5, has been downloaded over 100 million times in the Google Play Store! In this game, you play as a martial artist stickman whose sole objective is to save humanity from the zombies! Defend yourself against strong zombies that want to turn you into one of them as you battle your way to the top. Keep reading to find out how!

Download Anger of Stick 5 MOD APK for Android

You will enjoy the fun games in Anger of Stick 5 if you are looking for entertainment. The game gives you relaxation and fun without requiring you to think. Hence, hundreds of millions of players enjoy Anger of Stick 5. Download the game to try it right now. If you enjoy challenging games, choose the original version from Google Play or Download Modded version on TeckCloudz. If you like playing games with easy controls, use our Anger of Stick 5 MOD APK.

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Anger of Stick 5 MOD APK

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Features of Anger of stick 5 mod APK


The game’s primary currency is gold coins, which you can use to purchase weapons and ammunition. To gain these coins, players must complete various stages successfully. However, if you think it is hard to achieve, there is no major issue since the Anger of Stick 5 MOD APK provides UNLIMITED coins.


It is often impossible to keep your health bar going for the entire level. With this mod, you will be given enhanced HP, which will provide you with the general health you need. Increasing your HP allows you to become a mammoth-like Hulk.


You can use gems to reshape weapons and improve skills. They only appear once in the game, so getting them in can be a challenge. Thanks to this mod, you will have unlimited gems available to you. If you lose a level, you can use these gems to continue. How cool is that?


Sometimes crushing a group of opponents together is difficult. The MOD will increase your attack power so that you’ll kill your enemies sooner.


At first, you will only have amateur weapons. You can open more advanced ones after spending coins and reaching specific levels. We have a mod that will let you try your hand at amazing weapons right away. Find out what suits you best from a wide variety of weapons.


As you progress through the game, you will unlock new levels. How does that work? Finishing level 1 unlocks level 2. Regardless, if you aren’t persistent enough to play those beginner levels and you’d prefer to test your ability instead of bouncing directly to a harder level, this mod will take care of it for you. Play any level you want without finishing past levels with Anger of Stick 5 Mod APK.


Anger of Stick 5 Mod APK offers unlimited health and Amo, as the title suggests. You do not have to hesitate before running for an intense stage when using this element.

How to Download & Install Anger of Stick 5 MOD APK 2022?

  • Click on the link above to begin downloading.
  • Open the settings after the download has finished.
  • Click on Security Settings.
  • Check the box for Unknown Sources.
  • Go to the location for “Anger Of Stick 5”.
  • Open the Apk file and install it.
  • Once the installation is complete, click Open.
  • Now Enjoy

The Process of downloading and installing Anger Of Stick 5 MOD APK has been completed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Finding answers to our questions can be frustrating when we cannot find them. Anger of stick 5: zombie Mod Apk blog post will answer some of your most pressing questions and help you start playing the game right now.

Q: What is an APK File?

The Android Package Kit (APK) format is used to distribute and install mobile applications that run on the Android operating system. As Windows (PC) uses .exe files to run on their OS, Android uses .APK files to install the software.

Q: Why Anger of Stick 5: Zombie MOD Apk can guarantee APK 100% safe?

If someone downloads an APK file from, we’ll first check if an APK file is available on Google Play and then allow them to download it directly from our server (we cache it, of course). APKs that do not exist on Google Play will be searched in our cache.

Q: What are Android Application permissions?

Your device has specific systems that applications need access During installation. During Installing an application, the system will inform you of all of the permissions that the application requires.

Q: How long does it take to download?

Your connection will likely affect the download time, but you can expect it to last between five and ten minutes on average.

Q: Do I need to root or jailbreak my Android device to install the mod file?

Not at all. As long as you follow the instructions carefully, you won’t need to root your device or jailbreak it. There is no need to root or jailbreak your device.


The game “Anger of Stick 5 Mod APK” is fantastic. If you like to learn about all the fascinating acceptance and quality functional properties, you should play this game.

We have provided the download button for Anger of Stick 5 Mod APK in this article. You can download it without any problems.

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