How to Watch Private YouTube Videos?

How to Watch Private YouTube Videos? Today we are going to talk about YouTube, the biggest video sharing and streaming platform by google.

In today’s digital world, if you’re not aware of YouTube, then I don’t think you are enjoying your life with the internet. YouTube is the platform where you can share your videos safely and watch amazing videos without any cost. Some Videos are private so how we can watch those YouTube Videos.

Now let’s talk about its privacy; as I said earlier, this app is completely safe. You can share your video without any risk. The best thing is that you can manage who can watch your video. Some options are public, private, and limited release.

How to Watch Private YouTube Videos
How to Watch Private YouTube Videos

If you select public, then anyone in the world can watch your videos. If you choose private, then only those who got your permission can see your videos. And if you select a limited release, your video will only be seen by whom you shared.

Why Can’t You Watch a Private Video?

Some people don’t want their videos to be watched by people they don’t know. Then they choose the second option, which is above. You’ll think, ” what about the third option? It’s also like the second option.” No, after you choose the third option.

The disadvantage is that there is a chance that your video gets viral by sharing your friends with a person you don’t know. So they opt for the second option in place of the third option. That’s why we can’t watch those videos.

Now coming to the topic here, we will discuss how to watch private videos on YouTube. Is it possible to see a private video? How? Yes, you can watch private videos with the permission of the channel owner or without permission.

There is a low chance of working on the second solution, but it can be worth a try. So we’ll discuss it after we have done the first one.

How to Watch Private YouTube Videos

You cannot see these personal videos on the search results. Or you cannot get the notification by the channel that it’s got uploaded. So How can I watch the private video? How to Watch Private YouTube Videos? Can I watch private videos without the owner’s permission? Yes, we have given the solution below. Just take a look forward.

How to Watch Private YouTube Videos

Watch the Private Video With Permission

These are the videos that can only see the owner of the channel, but if the owner wants to share these videos and its access to anyone, then those people can easily watch that videos. So first, try to contact the channel owner and request access to the video if they permit you to watch their video, then go to your mailbox.

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Open the mail, which came from YouTube. Then you’ll be able to see a red rectangle button of three horizontal dots. Click on the button; now, you’ll be able to watch the private video.

In case you cannot get permission, then you don’t have to worry about it. Here we have one more solution where you don’t need any permission.

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Watch the Private Video Without Permission

It’s very simple to do, but the only trouble is that it’s not 100℅ workings, but it takes a worth of try. Maximum times it works only a few times, it doesn’t work. You have to follow the below steps.

1. Copy the link to a private video that you want to watch.

2. Open any web browser.

3. Paste the link on the URL bar.

4. After pasting the link, you have to remove “watch” from the video URL.

5. Now, you’ll see the private video on your web browser.

In case you get permission but still can’t able to watch the video, then take a look at the below point and make sure you are watching the video after doing the following things.

• Make sure that you are using YouTube by sign in with a Google Account.

• Also, make sure that you watch the video on that Google account where you received your video link.

• You can only see that video when you click on the shared link in your mail. Or you can’t see that private video.


I hope you’ve got your answer to How to Watch Private YouTube Videos by reading this article and enjoyed the post. Now you don’t need to worry about anything. Just relax and enjoy your YouTube videos and browse your internet. Thank you for reading this article.

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