How to Fix Spotify Skipping in Android Device?

How to Fix Spotify Skipping in Android Device? Today we are going to talk about Spotify, the most influential music streaming platform. In today’s digital music world, if anyone is not aware of Spotify, I don’t think they enjoy their life with music.
Spotify is the platform to listen to 70 million+ songs and every day’s new updates of songs. Here we will talk over why Spotify is Skipping music and how you can solve it?

How to Fix Spotify Skipping in Android Device
How to Fix Spotify Skipping in Android Device

Why does Spotify Skipping Songs

Why does Spotify keep skipping songs, no possibility to listen to music! When I click play on a Title, it just cuts through all the pieces after 0:01 seconds in the song, making it impossible to hear any song.
It just rushes through all my music, and I don’t know why. I even installed the newer version, and the problem persists. – from Reddit

As you can see in the above phrase, it is a problem that many people ask for solutions on Quora, Reddit, and more, asking sites.

Users like us always face these types of problems, and these are very irritating. So how can we fix Spotify Skipping?
Here we came with some working solutions which surely help you. Now take a look at the explanations given below.

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How to Solve Spotify Skipping Songs

Solving the Spotify skipping problem is an easy task to do. First, try some standard and simple methods like restarting the application or restarting your PC, phone, or whatever device you have. And before you start the app, make sure about your internet connection, whether it’s running or not. If it persists, then try more ways we have given down.

Restart Spotify Application, PC, or Mobile

We already discussed this solution; this is a straightforward and standard method to solve any problems. First, close the app, remove it from your recently used applications. Then, clear cache and again start the app. If it does not work, restart your PC, Mobile, or whichever device you use to stream music. And again, start the application.

Log out Everywhere and Again Log in to Spotify

Maybe your Spotify is Logged in on too many devices that are causing the Skipping of songs. You can try to sign out everywhere on the Spotify website. Go to the Spotify webpage and log in to your Account; click on your profile, go to Account. Now scroll down and look for Sign Out Everywhere; click on it. Log in again to your Account, and your problem is solved.

Put Music in Low Streaming Quality

High music streaming quality may also be the reason for pausing and skipping songs. When your internet is not good enough, then low music quality will not face any issue. Try to lower your music streaming quality, and after that, listen to your songs again.

Reinstall Spotify Application

If any of the above solutions did not work, your last option is to uninstall the application. And again, install the Spotify Application. Because sometimes, the issue occurs in the application by itself. So try to Reinstall the Spotify App.

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You can also go in offline mode and listen to your downloaded songs. This issue can’t occur in offline music. And lastly, I hope you have got your answer about Spotify Skipping. Now you can enjoy your music without any trouble. We thank you for reading this article, have a good day/ night.

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