How to Fix Spotify Application Not Responding?

How to Fix Spotify Application Not Responding? Spotify is the most famous music streaming application. If anyone is talking about music, then I’m sure there must be a discussion of Spotify as well. It has 70 million+ music content, and every day they upload a new piece.

But still, like many other applications, it also has some types of errors. Here we will discuss why the Spotify Application is not Responding. And how you can fix it.

This problem occurs in windows. So first, we will see the causes behind this issue, and after that, we’ll see how to fix it according to the Causes.

How to Fix Spotify Application Not Responding
How to Fix Spotify Application Not Responding

Why Spotify Application Not Responding

There are some circumstances when the application uses too much of your PC resources. And Your system interferes with those resources. It is the first reason behind the issue you are facing.

Maybe the reason behind the problem is faulty files of the Spotify application.

Sometimes mistakenly disconnecting WiFi or plugging off an ethernet cable is also the cause behind this problem.

There may be your anti-viruses software, VPN, or firewalls causing this issue.

We are heading to the next topic to discuss how you can fix this issue without any trouble.

How to fix Spotify Application not Responding

First, we will talk about a standard solution. If that will work, then you don’t have to read more. But if it doesn’t, keep reading and try the solution given below until your problem gets fixed.

If we talk about the standard solution, then I always suggest restarting every technical issue problem. First, restart the application if it is not working, then restart your PC.

If both don’t work, then uninstall the app and reinstall it. If still, this will also fail to work, then try another solution we have given below. There is two solution for spotify application not responding on your device.

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Quite the Task of Spotify

  1. First, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc on the keyboard to open the Task Manager.
  2. Now go to the Process section and find the Spotify application’s task.
  3. When you click on Spotify, there will be a menu on the screen; in that menu, you have to click on ‘End Task.’
    Allow Spotify Running under Antivirus and Firewall
  4. Open your search box and type the ‘Security.’
  5. Open the ‘Window Security.’
  6. Now, select the ‘Virus & threat protection tab’ and click on ‘Manage Settings.’
  7. Here, you have to scroll down and search for the ‘Exclusion .’ In that section, you have to click on ‘Add or Remove Exclusions.’
  8. Click on ‘Add an Exclusion’ and click on Folder. Select the Spotify folder.
    Now your Antivirus could not scan the allowed app. So try again to open the app.

Disable and Enable the internet

If still, the problem is troubling you, then maybe it is your internet issue. First, disable your WiFi and again Enable it.

Then, if you are using a mobile data hotspot, try after On and Off your mobile airplane mode. Or if you are using an Ethernet cable for the internet, then plugging Off before and On after opening Spotify.

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I hope you got your answer of why the Spotify Application is not Responding by reading this article. And also hope that the above solutions are helpful to you and you enjoyed this article.

Now you can listen to your favorite songs, playlist, and if you have a premium account, you can download them. You can listen to those songs in group sessions too.

If you solved the problem you will enjoy the best music on Spotify. So enjoy your music and have a good day/night.

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