How to Solve Netflix M7361-1253 Error Code?

How to Solve Netflix M7361-1253 Error Code? If you are looking for the best movies or web shows, I suggest the best movie streaming platform. Here you’ll find all sorts of incredible films, web series, and anime as well. But still, it’s not perfect. Some of you might face errors while streaming your media. Then you become worried about it and think about how to solve these errors.

How to Solve M7361-1253 Error Code
How to Solve M7361-1253 Error Code

Here we are going to talk about the Netflix error code: M7361-1253. And also, we’ll discuss how to solve it.

What is an Error Code: M7361-1253?

Error code: M7361-1253 is a Netflix error that will stop your media streaming, and then your screen will display as an error. The most common reason behind this error is your internet connection. Now let’s see more causes for this error occurring in the below points.

Causes of Netflix Error Code: M7361-1253

  • The main reason behind this error arising is your browser’s inbuilt feature that is Hardware Acceleration.
  • As I told you earlier, the common cause behind this error is internet connectivity.
  • If you didn’t clear your browser’s cookies and cache data for a long time, it is also a cause for this error.
  • It’s also possible that the reason behind this error is in your browser. There might be a browser that is causing this error.

So how can we get rid of these causes? How can I fix this error? How to Solve M7361-1253 Error Code? Here’s the solution to get rid of these causes. Check the below explanations to fix this error.

How to Solve Netflix Error Code: M7361-1253

When you read the causes and think about them, then it’s not impossible to solve this error by yourself. But still, since you can this far, we will not disappoint you. And give you some proper solutions—use which is suitable to solve your problem.

Restart Your Device and Browser

The most common solution is to First restart your browser and again login to Netflix. If it doesn’t work, then restart your PC or Mac. And again, try it. If you ask anyone, then they will first give you this suggestion for sure. Because sometimes, the PC gets lagged, or it might be a problem caused by the glitch. So try it first for any errors or issues.

Update Your Browser or Change the Browser

Maybe this error occurred because of your old version of the browser. Go to the about section of your browser and check whether it’s updated or not. If not, then try after updating your browser. If it still doesn’t work, then try a different browser. Because as we discussed in the above section, it might be your browser causing this error.

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Hardware Acceleration

In the section on causes, I already told you that Hardware acceleration is the main reason behind this error. Here is how you can fix it. Follow the below steps.

• Open Google Chrome and go to Settings.
• Tap on Advanced Settings and then click on the System.
• Now, go to the ‘Hardware Acceleration when Available’ option.
• First, click on Disable and then click Enable button.
• Lastly, again, log in to your Netflix. And enjoy your movies.

Clear Your Browser Cookies and Cache Data

Browser cookies are also causing this error; try to clear browser cookies and cache data. It might help you to play your Netflix again.

Check your Internet Connection

If you are using data via hotspot, then use airplane mode and try after it. Or if you are using wifi then try to contact your ISP(Internet Service Provider). ISP might also be the reason for this error.

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I hope after reading this article you’ve got your answer for how to solve the M7361-1253 error code. And hope you have enjoyed this post. Now you don’t have to worry about errors; if anything happens, visit us and get your solution. Enjoy your Netflix without any troubles. We also thank you for reading this article. Have a good day/night.

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