How to Change Touch Keyboard Themes on Windows 11

How to Change Touch Keyboard Themes on Windows 11? Windows 11 is available on tablets and touch-screen computers with touch keyboards that can be used for text entry. Why don’t you give the virtual keyboard a colorful theme so that it looks completely new? You can do it this way.

Start by opening Windows Settings. You can do this quickly by pressing Windows+i. By right-clicking the Start button and choosing the Settings option, you can access these settings.

How to Change Touch Keyboard Themes on Windows 11
How to Change Touch Keyboard Themes on Windows 11

Step 1: To turn on the touch keyboard, select “Personalization” in Windows Settings.

Step 2: Click on “Keyboard Theme” to expand the theme menu in Touch Keyboard settings.

Step 3: Selecting a keyboard theme from the Keyboard Theme menu expands a grid of different themes that you can choose from. Their color palette ranges from a professional look to a fun and vibrant one. Choose one that appeals to you and click it.

Step 4: If you choose the “Show Keyboard” button in Personalization > Touch Keyboard, you can see how the new theme looks in your taskbar or on your keyboard.

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Looking pretty good!

Step 5: Additionally, the touch keyboard can be customized with custom colors. Then click “Edit.” After selecting “Custom” from the theme list, a new window will appear.

Step 6: With the Custom Theme edit screen, you can customize the font and color of text on the keyboard, plus the keyboard keys themselves and the touch keyboard window border. The window background can even be a customized image file. As you edit, you can switch between these items using the tabs below the “Theme Preview”. Then you pick the colors. Click “Save” when you’re finished.

Step 7: When you’re finished with settings, close them, and look forward to your customized touch keyboard. I hope you have a great time typing!


Hope you have a clear idea How to Change Touch Keyboard Themes on your Windows 11 tablet and Touch screen PC. In this article, I tried to cover every step so that you can easily change your touch screen keyboards themes.

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