Blackmart Alpha APK Download v2.5 [2022] Latest Version

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Blackmart APK also known as blackmart alpha apk is currently the best alternative to the google play store and provides free premium apps for free to Android users. You can here download blackmart alpha apk and doing that allows you to download paid apps for free on an android smartphone.

You won’t believe that this Google Paystore alternative is really amazing and allow all the Tablet and Smartphone users that run on Android, to download premium apps for free.

Blackmart is a free app and is having a huge fan base now and everyone loves to use it because it’s simple and free. Also, the blackmart users and  Nix Injector has an option to download the various apps without having or using a working google account and there is also no need for registration to use this app.

In short words for the google play store alternative, you can easily pick the Blackmart alpha app. For those Android users who don’t want to pay for paid apps or afford paid apps, Blackmart is THE BEST app.


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Well, it’s good to have this question as before using any app you need to check this thing first. So honestly, the Blackmart apk is completely illegal, because only Google Play Store has all the rights to provide those apps, and also downloading paid games without paying from this app is also illegal. So if any other app than google play store provides you paid apps for android is not legitimate.

But as Blackmart is giving you all these apps for free and not charging anything for it, possibly they are also sending ads, viruses,  or infected files with the apps which you are downloading.

So it is possible they are just making money with these types of things so take a risk on your own and you can not blame us after. But as per the users who are using there is no problem like it and for paid apps blackmart is the best alternative to the google play store.

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What is Blackmart?

You are an Android user and you have used Google Play Store and Blackmart is a similar app to the google play store. With the Blackmart Alpha app you can download android apps and an interesting feature of blackmart is that you can even download paid apps without spending any money.

You can easily download any game, movie, software app or application completely free, There is also no need for registration to download apps from blackmart app and you can start downloading premium apps right now.

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Blackmart App Information

Blackmart app is a place where you can get a wide range of android apps free of cost. But for your safety, you should always download the apps from the original market to void unwanted ads and some errors. Also, maybe if you download apps from unknown sources means other than the google play store, they may not work on your mobile phone.

Hence your MB and time got wasted, but to solve that problem blackmart alpha app for android has all app’s different versions which are free. You can use any of these versions which are compatible with your android version. If you fail to install them, you can try another version of the numerous alternatives available.

Not only is the apk free, but the store contains many free apps as well. These are not trails or apps with hidden costs. They are full, free apk that can be used on almost any android device. these are also not apk that no one has ever heard of or that you might be leery about downloading to your phone or tablet device. These are popular apps that you might have wanted to try but were unable due to incompatibility or other factors.

Download Blackmart Alpha Apk

Here comes the part where you can download the blackmart app store free on your Android smartphone. Blackmart alpha app is one of the most favorite app among Android users.

This is also the best substitute for the google play store and as the app is not available on the google play store I am providing you with the latest version to download the app. Before Downloading you should know that blackmart is against Google Terms of Service and paid app in blackmart app is completely illegal.

Download Blackmart Alpha APK

Features of Blackmart App

Android is really a great OS for smartphones and so many users are using Android phones. It is owned by google and via Google Play Store, they allow you to install the secure, tested, and free/premium applications on your smartphone.

Google Play Store is a very popular and biggest official app market for android phones and tablets and there are near around 3.6 million apps on Google Play Store.

You can find both free and premium apps on it and use the premium apps you need to pay but if you don’t pay then you can’t use the premium apps.

So to get the premium apps for free people are looking for alternatives to the Google Play Store, Blackmart is one of the best alternatives,s and by using this app you can easily get the paid apps for free. Check out the features of blackmart alpha apk below.

Free Apps & Games

Free to Use

Blackmart Alpha apps help you to get premium apps and games for free. You can access almost all types of apps and games that are there on the internet and using black market apk is completely safe. You can easily use this amazing app for free apps and games.

One-Click Download

Blackmart apk allows you to download apps and games that are listed on this app’s dashboard without any permission. You can search any app in the search box of this amazing app and the app or game will show up just clicking on the install button the app will start downloading on your smartphone. Once it is downloaded you can see the apk file in your downloaded folder and then you can install the app.

Auto Updates

There is another amazing feature in this alternative to the google play store app. It automatically installs the latest version of the app available. Blackmart Alpha Apk checks for the updates and if there is an update, it will install that one for better performance. Don’t worry you can also disable the feature in the app setting anytime if you don’t this app to update your apps automatically without your permission.

As we also stated above we are not responsible for anything regarding this app. You can download the app at your own risk and you can’t blame us in the future. We are providing this app and article just for information purposes.

You have to manually download blackmart android and Install it on your android device.

How to Install Blackmart In Android and Use?

To Install blackmart app on android you have to give permissions. To do that you have to allow unknown sources.

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Then Select Unknown Source and Allow.

After doing that you will be able to install blackmart apk on your mobile phone. To use this app use the below steps.

  • Download and install black mart alpha apk.
  • Now open the app and search for any app you want to download for free.
  • Now click on the app you want to download and click on Install.
  • The paid app will start downloading
  • Enjoy premium apps from the Balckmart app for free.

Blackmart Apk is the best app for users who wants to get paid apps for free. Also, it’s the best alternative to the google play store too and blackmart is available for free for android phones. You can easily find almost all types of apps on blackmart.

If you have any queries or suggestions then feel free to write in the comment section. Share with others too.

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